Sparrow Clinton state-of-the-art Emergency Services Department

Sparrow Clinton state-of-the-art Emergency Services Department

At 9,935 square feet, the new facility is three times the size of the existing emergency department.

Design highlights include:

  • Eight private treatment rooms: one of which is a decontamination/isolation room and two of which are designed to meet needs of children
  • Two designated trauma rooms for treatment of life-threatening emergencies
  • A designated triage room
  • An observation room with reclining chairs
  • A family consultation room for private conversations with physicians
  • A spacious, comfortable Lobby expressly for emergency patients
  • A centralized Patient Care Coordination Center nursing station
  • A separate patient entrance with covered drive-through for dropping off and picking up patients
  • A separate, covered ambulance entrance
  • A private decontamination entrance for health situations involving hazardous materials

Project stats:

  • 9,935 sq. ft.
  • $5.7M project
  • Construction start: August 2013
  • Estimated completion: June 2014
Sparrow Ionia Replacement Hospital

Sparrow Ionia Replacement Hospital

All new, state-of-the-art hospital with 22 Patient rooms, outpatient services including Chemo and Infusion Lab, X-ray, Nuclear Medicine, Emergency Department with private patient rooms, triage area and two trauma rooms, Surgery Department with 2 ORs, Administrative offices cafeteria and education center.

Ionia rendering 8.2013 a

Ionia rendering 8.2013 b

Project stats:

  • 65,000 sq. ft.
  • $25M project budget
  • Construction start: Fall 2013
  • Estimated completion: Spring 2015

Attention! We’re building better care

At Sparrow, our commitment to providing the best Patient care includes facilities that promote healing and good health.

A series of new construction and renovation projects, both on and off campus, are underway to integrate cutting edge technology, modern facilities, and convenient locations to better meet the changing needs of our community.

This website,, has been developed to allow Caregivers, Patients and visitors to follow our progress to build a healthy future.  Here you’ll find the latest updates, photos, and information on accessing Sparrow services affected by construction.

One of the first improvements that will affect Patient and Caregiver access starts in mid-July with the temporary relocation of the Sparrow Main Emergency room entrance. This change, expected to last six months, is due to construction in the parking deck as we consolidate and expand our OR services.

Other projects underway at this time include completion of the Sparrow Neurosciences Center on Tower floors 9 & 10, the build-out of Tower floors 7 & 8, construction of a new Grand Ledge Ambulatory building, an addition to the Sparrow Clinton ER, and construction of a replacement hospital in Ionia.

Our work to build a healthy future will span several years, so be sure to follow new developments and improvements right here at

Visible construction starts for new Sparrow Ionia Replacement Hospital

After the long winter and lots of ground work, we are finally starting to see some construction progress on the new Sparrow Ionia Hospital. Portions of the concrete foundation and steel support beams started going into place the first week of July.

The all new, state-of-the-art hospital will feature 22 Patient rooms, outpatient services including Chemo and Infusion Lab, X-ray, Nuclear Medicine, Emergency Department with private patient rooms, triage area and two trauma rooms, Surgery Department with 2 ORs, Administrative offices , a cafeteria and education center.

The $25M project broke ground in October 2013 and is expected to be completed in the Spring 2015.


Sparrow celebrates renovations, rededicates Children’s Center Teen Lounge

Sparrow today celebrated a grand re-opening and dedication of our newly renovated Teen Lounge in the Sparrow Children’s Center.

The lounge was originally established in 1988 by the family of a teen who passed after spending countless days and nights in the Sparrow Children’s Center. Now, thanks to the generous support of High 5ive – The Drew Stanton Foundation and Lexus of Lansing, a fresh new age-appropriate “hang-out” offers a place for our older Children’s Center Patients to feel like a normal teenager.  Read more about the dedication ceremony,  and see some of the “before” photos.

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Teen Lounge Renovations

Teen Lounge Renovations

On any given day, there are between 15-40 children being cared for in the Sparrow Children’s Center. Approximately 25 percent of these children are 13 years of age or older.

While the Sparrow Children’s Center offers the specialized care they need, the space, designed with our littlest Patients in mind, can leave them feeling out of place at a time when they most want to fit in.

A Teen Lounge was originally established at Sparrow based on the vision of Brian Nichols, a 15 yr. old with Hodgkin’s Disease. Brian spent many days and nights at Sparrow surrounded by wagons, stuffed animals, and playrooms filled with toys – things that helped the younger children feel more comfortable. What he wished for was a place to help him feel like a normal teenager.

After his passing in 1988, his family and friends established The Brian Nichols Memorial Golf Outing and used the proceeds to fund the Brian Nichols Teen Lounge at Sparrow. As time has passed, our teens, and our technology, have evolved, but the space until now, has not. See some “before” photos.

Sparrow’s commitment to providing the best Patient care means providing facilities that meet the needs of our Patients. So today, working with our Parent Advisory Council and our Pediatric Caregivers, we are reimagining the Teen Lounge.

A complete renovation to the Teen Lounge, with the help of High 5ive – The Drew Stanton Foundation and Lexus of Lansing, will provide a more age appropriate “hang-out” for our older Children’s Center Patients stocked with new lounge furniture, computers, and the latest technology in TVs, gaming and audio systems. See some “after” photos.

We’re creating a space, away from the hospital bed, where teens can feel at home even when they are struggling to understand a new diagnosis or preparing for the next round of treatment. A place for them to have some independence, watch a movie with friends, take a deep breath.

• Approximately 180 sq. ft.
• Generously funded by a $50,000 investment
• Construction start: October 2013
• Estimated completion: May 2014

Drywall, painting, and trimwork underway at new Sparrow Clinton ER

As we get closer to completion, the nearly 10,000 square foot space is taking on the familiar look of an emergency room – complete with ambulance entrance, lobby, and the trademark Sparrow tower. Once finished, this new, first-class emergency facility will provide a readily accessible, technologically advanced healing environment for the community and give our Patients and their families the very best in local health care.

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Sparrow dedicates new, expanded Surgical Center

Sparrow celebrated the dedication of our newly expanded Surgical Center, which adds 10 high-tech operating rooms and creates the largest, most advanced, surgical center in the region.
In all, Sparrow has 18 of the high-tech suites.

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“Building this new first-class arena provides the latest state-of-the-art technology while centralizing the majority of our OR suites in one location. This enables us to improve workflow, utilize best practices, and ultimately improve Patient care and the overall Patient experience,” states Barb McQuillan, Director, Sparrow Surgical Services. “Our center will continue to expand with the goal to provide the leading surgical services for our community.”
At nearly 16,000 square feet, the newly expanded Surgical Center is more than double the size of the previous space. Design highlights include:

  • The new state-of-the-art OR suites incorporate space-saving equipment booms providing a central, standardized location for primary equipment and streamlining the OR for all service lines.
  • New high-definition touch screen monitors, the latest LED precision lighting, and flooring designed to provide support and reduce fatigue during surgical procedures combine to provide a safer work environment for our Caregivers, and enhanced Patient care.
  • The space also includes Sparrow’s first frozen specimen lab, located centrally within the Surgical Department, allowing for real-time diagnosis and intervention while the Patient is still in surgery.
  • Additional renovations, occurring in phases, will include Pre- and Post- Surgical areas, Central Sterile Supply and the Post Anesthesia Care Unit.

The nearly $15 million project represents a significant investment in the community and part of more than $250 million in construction projects Sparrow has undertaken in the last three years as we continue to transform care, implement best practices, and deliver nationally recognized care.

Surgical Expansion nearly complete

As we wrap up Phase I of our Surgical Expansion, adding an additional 10 operating rooms, bringing us to 18 modern ORs and creating the largest, most advanced, surgical center in the region, we wanted to share some photos that show just how far we’ve come in the last 12 months.

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