Sparrow Specialty Hospital celebrates a newly renovated facility and 10 years of providing long-term acute care for our community

On Thursday, March 6, we celebrated a newly renovated facility and 10 years of providing long-term acute care for our community.

Sparrow Specialty Hospital continues the healing process by offering a multidisciplinary team approach, including Nurses, Specialty Physicians, Case Managers, Nutritional Services, Pharmacy, Therapy, and more, to meet the complex needs of Patients requiring long-term acute care.

Sparrow initially brought this service to our community back in 2004 and we’re thankful for the Caregivers and nearly 3,000 Patients and families who have been a part of our journey so far.

The improvements at SSH are just one of many Sparrow projects that have resulted in more than $250 million reinvested back into our community over the last three years.

A look at the before.  And now a look at the “after”:

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Sparrow VOA Clinic celebrates grand opening

Sparrow and Volunteers of America Michigan held a ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration on Feb. 27, for the new joint medical clinic to serve homeless Patients and others. The clinic is only the second of its kind in the nation and the first in Michigan.

“We’re very proud to bring Sparrow’s quality, compassionate care to an underserved population in the region,” said Joe Ruth, Sparrow Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “In developing just the second clinic of its kind in the country, Sparrow is fundamentally changing the way we provide care to our Patients.”

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The clinic will be on-site at VOAMI, 430 North Larch St. in Lansing, and will serve an estimated 3,400 Patients each year, many of whom are physically disabled and/or suffer from mental illness. Most are not able to access government health benefits to which they are entitled. The Sparrow Emergency Department currently gets as many as 400 ambulance calls and visits annually from VOAMI.

“Many of these Patients are medically underserved in the community,” said Patrick Patterson, Executive Vice President of VOAMI. “This new clinic will help these individuals get access to quality, preventative care and give them a realistic chance of escaping homelessness.”

Sparrow will provide staff for the clinic, including Physician Lynn Nevin, M.D., a Physician Assistant, and other medical and office personnel. The $900,000 project was partially funded by a federal grant and private donations, with Sparrow providing the balance of the cost. The clinic officially opens to Patients on Monday, March 3.

Sparrow Grand Ledge prepares to open for business

Despite the cold temperatures and high winds, more than 100 people turned out for the grand opening of Sparrow Grand Ledge on Friday, Jan. 24.

The new facility offers an Urgent Care, Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Medical Supply in one convenient location to better support the needs of Grand Ledge and surrounding communities.

The Urgent care opened to the public on Saturday, Jan. 25, and Pharmacy Plus, Laboratory and Outpatient Rehabilitation services followed on Monday, Jan. 27.

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Sparrow Clinton state-of-the-art Emergency Services Department

Sparrow Clinton state-of-the-art Emergency Services Department

At 9,935 square feet, the new facility is three times the size of the existing emergency department.

Design highlights include:

  • Eight private treatment rooms: one of which is a decontamination/isolation room and two of which are designed to meet needs of children
  • Two designated trauma rooms for treatment of life-threatening emergencies
  • A designated triage room
  • An observation room with reclining chairs
  • A family consultation room for private conversations with physicians
  • A spacious, comfortable Lobby expressly for emergency patients
  • A centralized Patient Care Coordination Center nursing station
  • A separate patient entrance with covered drive-through for dropping off and picking up patients
  • A separate, covered ambulance entrance
  • A private decontamination entrance for health situations involving hazardous materials

Project stats:

  • 9,935 sq. ft.
  • $5.7M project
  • Construction start: August 2013
  • Estimated completion: June 2014
Sparrow Ionia Replacement Hospital

Sparrow Ionia Replacement Hospital

All new, state-of-the-art hospital with 22 Patient rooms, outpatient services including Chemo and Infusion Lab, X-ray, Nuclear Medicine, Emergency Department with private patient rooms, triage area and two trauma rooms, Surgery Department with 2 ORs, Administrative offices cafeteria and education center.

Ionia rendering 8.2013 a

Ionia rendering 8.2013 b

Project stats:

  • 65,000 sq. ft.
  • $25M project budget
  • Construction start: Fall 2013
  • Estimated completion: Spring 2015

Attention! We’re building better care

At Sparrow, our commitment to providing the best Patient care includes facilities that promote healing and good health.

A series of new construction and renovation projects, both on and off campus, are underway to integrate cutting edge technology, modern facilities, and convenient locations to better meet the changing needs of our community.

This website,, has been developed to allow Caregivers, Patients and visitors to follow our progress to build a healthy future.  Here you’ll find the latest updates, photos, and information on accessing Sparrow services affected by construction.

One of the first improvements that will affect Patient and Caregiver access starts in mid-July with the temporary relocation of the Sparrow Main Emergency room entrance. This change, expected to last six months, is due to construction in the parking deck as we consolidate and expand our OR services.

Other projects underway at this time include completion of the Sparrow Neurosciences Center on Tower floors 9 & 10, the build-out of Tower floors 7 & 8, construction of a new Grand Ledge Ambulatory building, an addition to the Sparrow Clinton ER, and construction of a replacement hospital in Ionia.

Our work to build a healthy future will span several years, so be sure to follow new developments and improvements right here at

Sparrow Specialty Hospital Renovations

At Sparrow, our commitment to providing the best Patient care means providing facilities that meet the needs of our community.

New renovations to SSH will provide a more peaceful and healing environment for our Patients and their families during their extended stay.

A look at the “before”:

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Sparrow Specialty Hospital (SSH), a 36-bed acute care hospital specializing in Patients who require a 25-day or longer length of stay in a hospital setting, opened on the Sparrow St. Lawrence Campus 10 years ago as the region’s first long-term acute care hospital.

More than 40 percent of SSH Patients are able to transition directly to home, while others require additional rehabilitation once their acute care needs have been met.

Sparrow Specialty Hospital 

  • 36 bed acute care hospital
  • 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction start: Summer/Fall 2013
  • Estimated completion: Early 2014