Sparrow Clinton state-of-the-art Emergency Services Department

Sparrow Clinton state-of-the-art Emergency Services Department

At 9,935 square feet, the new facility is three times the size of the existing emergency department.

Design highlights include:

  • Eight private treatment rooms: one of which is a decontamination/isolation room and two of which are designed to meet needs of children
  • Two designated trauma rooms for treatment of life-threatening emergencies
  • A designated triage room
  • An observation room with reclining chairs
  • A family consultation room for private conversations with physicians
  • A spacious, comfortable Lobby expressly for emergency patients
  • A centralized Patient Care Coordination Center nursing station
  • A separate patient entrance with covered drive-through for dropping off and picking up patients
  • A separate, covered ambulance entrance
  • A private decontamination entrance for health situations involving hazardous materials

Project stats:

  • 9,935 sq. ft.
  • $5.7M project
  • Construction start: August 2013
  • Estimated completion: June 2014