Sparrow Specialty Hospital Renovations

Sparrow Specialty Hospital Renovations

At Sparrow, our commitment to providing the best Patient care means providing facilities that meet the needs of our community.

New renovations to SSH will provide a more peaceful and healing environment for our Patients and their families during their extended stay.

A look at the “before”:

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Sparrow Specialty Hospital (SSH), a 36-bed acute care hospital specializing in Patients who require a 25-day or longer length of stay in a hospital setting, opened on the Sparrow St. Lawrence Campus 10 years ago as the region’s first long-term acute care hospital.

More than 40 percent of SSH Patients are able to transition directly to home, while others require additional rehabilitation once their acute care needs have been met.

Sparrow Specialty Hospital 

  • 36 bed acute care hospital
  • 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction start: Summer/Fall 2013
  • Estimated completion: Early 2014