Sparrow Breast Care Center

Sparrow Breast Care Center

The only of its kind in our community, our comprehensive breast care center will support breast health needs at every level

High-quality care combines deep knowledge with compassion. Sparrow’s current breast health services connect patients at every stage of their life with empathetic caregivers — and, to further improve our patient experience for these services, we are introducing our community’s first dedicated breast care center in Sparrow Surgery Center. This space will expand capacity for breast health needs, including mammograms and other screenings, diagnostic evaluations, preventative care, ultrasound and biopsy services, and more.

As a largely women-led facility, this breast care center will not only offer specialized expertise for our patients, but will create a welcoming, comfortable, and supportive environment that both caters to and uplifts its specific patient community.

Help us shape what’s possible for the next century of care.

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