Sparrow Eaton

Sparrow Eaton

Expanding essential services across the region, including infusions, cancer treatments, and everyday care

Sparrow Eaton is an accredited, 25-licensed-bed hospital that, every year, sees:

Still, the vast majority of patients in this area must travel to Sparrow Lansing for many procedures. To continue expanding care close to home, we are adding a new infusion center to Sparrow Eaton along with general improvements that will more effectively accommodate the unique needs of this region.


Infusion Center

An infusion center will offer a centralized location and increased access to Sparrow Medical Group oncology, chemotherapy, and general, non-oncology infusions, improving the patient experience. This will add infusion chairs and oncology rooms, greatly expanding our capacity to serve all types of patients within the community.

Oncology Care

We will bring care close to home for those in and around Eaton County, providing direct access to the same highly skilled specialists that care for patients at the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center.

Innovative Radiation Technologies

On-site medical oncologists will coordinate care for Sparrow Eaton oncology patients, providing access to cutting-edge technology, including the View Ray radiation machine, with a built-in MRI to safely treat tumors in hard-to-reach locations.

Facility Renovations

Construction modifications and building updates will create space for the new infusion center and will generally improve adjacent existing facilities at Sparrow Eaton.

In the News

Michigan Business Network covers Sparrow Eaton's new oncology practice, Sparrow Medical Group Oncology Charlotte, and how the facility will provide consultations for diagnosing, treating, and preventing cancer.

WILX covers how Sparrow Medical Group Oncology Charlotte will respond to increasing local need for cancer care and services.

Levels of Support and Naming Opportunities

Facility projections are updated as of June 15, 2023. For questions on additional opportunities, please contact Sparrow Foundation at 517.364.3620 or at

Investment Location Availability
$1,000,000 Infusion Center Generously funded
$500,000 Family/Caregiver Outdoor Relaxation Terrace 1
$250,000 Lounge/Waiting Area 1
$100,000 Site Art/Sculpture TBD
$75,000 Large Nursing Station/Chartwork 1
$50,000 Small Nurses Station/Chartwork 1
$50,000 Patient/Nurse Navigation Office 1
$25,000 Private Infusion Room TBD
$10,000 Infusion Bay Multiple
$10,000 Art TBD
$5,000 Bench within terrace TBD
$1,000 Campaign Signage Unlimited

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