Woven together through care

Each of us has a story. Whether it be the mundane: routine ultrasounds and lab work; a decades-long relationship with a trusted doctor; a yearly checkup. Or the emotional: meeting a new baby for the very first time; our connection to a nurse who supported us in our darkest hour; a tragedy averted.

While Sparrow’s community investment plan is nominally about infrastructure and technology, we know it’s really about care. The care Sparrow provides to our community. The care we provide to our loved ones. The care to ensure every person in Mid-Michigan has the very best opportunity to thrive.

We invite you to write this story with us.

Jordan's Story

jordan in wheelchair

Jordan Munsters is always on the go. He’s an avid motorcycle racer, runner, and dirt biker, Jordan is always on the go, and even opened a go-karting track in Okemos. But in May 2020, that all changed when he was left badly injured and immobilized from a dirt biking accident.

Jordan was rushed to E.W. Sparrow Hospital, where X-rays found that his hip socket had shattered. Through an intense 11-hour surgery, Michael Tucker, D.O., was able to reattach Jordan’s hip — but it looked like he would be lucky to ever walk again, let alone run.

For Jordan and his team at Sparrow, however, luck alone wouldn’t cut it. “The doctors said it was the worst hip injury they’d ever seen, but they never gave up hope,” Jordan says.

jordan x-ray

A week into his recovery, Jordan attempted to walk around the first floor of the hospital. When he was moved to Mary Free Bed at Sparrow for inpatient rehabilitation, Jordan continued to work on regaining mobility of several paralyzed muscles in his legs and overcoming extreme nerve damage with the help of Sparrow Physician Assistant Jason Maxa.

“Jason played a huge role in helping me get back on my feet not just physically, but also mentally,” Jordan recalls. “He pushed me to overcome my extreme nerve pain, and got me to the point where I was able to take no pain medications just seven months after the injury.”

jordan wth walker

Despite all odds, eight months after the accident, Jordan was able to walk again. A year after the fateful day, he was able to ride his motorcycle. And a year and a half after the crash, he was even able to complete a 15-mile Tough Mudder run and obstacle course.

“At Sparrow, they looked at me directly and saw me for who I was, not as another number,” Jordan says. “They never gave up. I’d be dead in a field if it wasn’t for them.”

Lisa's Story
patient and supporter

Lisa Hildorf headshot

Born at E.W. Sparrow Hospital under extraordinary circumstances, Lisa Hildorf has a lifelong connection to the health system.

“I’m an adopted child, so there really wasn’t a record of my birth. But my notes from my parents’ diaries tell me that I was born at Sparrow,” Lisa shares. “Immediately after my birth-mother had me, Sparrow played a critical role in connecting me to my family at the last minute. Decades ago, they made the calls that would change the path of my entire future. It’s a unique little element about a place I’m still connected to today.”

Lisa in New York City

Fate led Lisa back to Sparrow later in life, when she became involved with Sparrow Foundation as part of Women Working Wonders (W3). Over a 27-year involvement, she became Sparrow Foundation Board Chair for 2021-22. Lisa recalls that, for her, one of the Foundation’s greatest accomplishments was helping make the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center a reality.

Then, just a month after the Cancer Center opened to the public in 2017, Lisa was diagnosed with cancer herself.

Lisa on the golf course

“At the time, I never dreamed I’d be one of the first patients at the Cancer Center,” Lisa recalls. “When I was told cancer had been detected in the lymph nodes in my neck, I was in disbelief. But I was so fortunate that I found a team of people at Sparrow who could not have done more to support my cancer journey.” Lisa says that, with Sparrow on her side, she knew all of her questions would be answered, and that she would have a team of experts in her corner.

From her first days of life to overcoming cancer, Sparrow has always been a central part of Lisa’s journey. “I was born at Sparrow. My youngest child was born at Sparrow. I'm a cancer survivor because of Sparrow,” Lisa says. “I've seen the capabilities of a strong leadership team that's in place here. So I will always help in any way that I can.”

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