Expanding What’s Possible For the Next Century of Care

We’re embarking on our most monumental undertaking to date: the largest planned community investment that will significantly expand Sparrow facilities and services, further strengthening our abilities to best serve the people of our region.

As the region’s largest private employer, we know these efforts provide economic benefits well outside of hospital walls. This project will require significant capital investment, vital philanthropic support, and continued community engagement around these necessary updates. After listening to the insights and recommendations from our physicians and caregivers, we created a plan that equips Sparrow staff with the tools needed to address our continued growth.

Dr. LaKeeya Tucker, Alliance OB/GYN and Sparrow Medical Chief of Staff

“Sparrow’s commitment to continuous improvement speaks volumes. We are already the premier place to receive care in this community. These expansions are about one focus — helping patients heal.”

Dr. LaKeeya Tucker
Alliance OB/GYN and Sparrow Medical Chief of Staff, 2022–23

Community-owned. Community-based.

Sparrow is led, managed, and operated by individuals who live right here in our community — who are committed to making the right investments for the best possible care for every one of their neighbors. Any earnings are put right back into Mid-Michigan, not sent to an out-of-town corporate office. Decision-making is centered around community commitment, community health and well-being, and community success.

With more than 120 sites of care — including six hospitals — our focus is on you. Odds are strong that you or someone you know or love was born here, cared for here, has worked here, or volunteered here.

At Sparrow, we’re committed to providing you with the best experience imaginable. We believe that — with a dedicated team, thorough research, and a forward-looking mindset — the possibilities are endless. Even more importantly, we understand that behind every chart are unique faces, each with their own families, futures, dreams, and stories. This investment will allow us to remain at the forefront of technology and development to provide exceptional care for every story.

Our team is excited to embark on these efforts. To keep you up-to-date on progress, we will share more information here on these projects as it is available.

We all have a role to play

With your generosity, we can continue to touch the lives of our community members; we can continue to provide high quality care; we can continue to keep our region strong. Your gift will shape countless stories for the better.

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